If you’re a writer, read this.

If you’re a writer, make sure you read this article by Seth Godin, Reading isn’t dead, but it’s changing.  As a new writer (i.e. as of yet unpublished) , I find myself being torn between wanting to get published along more traditional lines (agent, publisher, hard-cover book) and wanting to seize all the opportunities self-publishing offers.  More and more though, I can’t help but get excited about the changes in publishing and reading patterns for that matter, (it’s probably the reason I started this blog in the first place).  I think it’s a perfect fit for short fiction as readers search for a variety of works they generally couldn’t get easy access to even ten years ago.

So don’t be afraid of change, as Seth Godin states, There’s plenty of room for leadership and art here, but little room for stubborn intransigence.

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  1. Thanks for “Liking” my post. I feel torn as you do, but leaning more towards self-publishing the more I research. But first things first, I have to get my novel written. Good luck with your blog!

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