I wear your love like a cheap coat.  Faux leather.  Fabric cracking from mild abuse.  Cuffs dirty from neglect.   Each time you try to reclaim it, you allow my empty promises to swallow you whole and I watch, amused, as you expose yourself to the cold.

  1. Sandra said:

    A wealth of information about a relationship in so few words. Terrific!

    • Thanks Sandra,
      Part of what I like about short fiction is how layered and meaningful each word must be.

  2. Ooh. What a nasty guy. Or girl. But what a story, too. Also, I didn’t see leather when I first saw your photo, but saw it instantly as soon as I read your story. And it really does look like old, cracked leather. I wonder, when you took the picture did you think about leather, or did the idea come later?

    • I actually took that picture a few years ago – certainly hasn’t been cold enough for ice this year. So the idea definately came later.

  3. Harsh, but I guess sadly there really are people who care so little about others.

    • Janet said:

      Yes, unfortunately you are right (and then there are people who write about it!)

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