They had remained friends for years.  Sometimes he’d put his arm around her.  Sometimes she’d lean her head back on it when she laughed.  Today they sit in silence, close but not touching, lost in their own thoughts, unsure how to proceed. Sometimes you can’t go back.

  1. zogyark said:

    So sad.. I wish it could go on.

    • Thanks for stopping by. That’s one of the challenges with short fiction – the story could go on so how do you choose the right moment to end it?

  2. crubin said:

    Beautiful photo. Thought-provoking narrative. Lovely all around.

    • Thank you. A few minutes after I took the photo, the sun came out and the mood completely changed. I’m lucky I got there when I did (it’s not very often I’m glad my son had the 8:00am hockey practice).

  3. This is great – leaves you feeling satisfied with the ending but still curious…

    • Thank you. That’s how I was hoping people would feel.

  4. June said:

    God job. You have a talent, that’s for sure

    • Thanks so much. I’m so glad you stopped by.

  5. Jessica said:

    I like how a picture can pull a different story from different people. Here’s mine, Janet. “First Snow”
    “She imagines it feels warm and soft, like feathers or flower petals or the duvet on her parents’ bed. She runs outside to dig her hands into it and the white cold curls her toes with delight. She likes the way it melts from her fingers, leaving nothing but a pink pained kiss.”

  6. This is beautiful. A picture does say 1000 words (in this case, 50 at a time).

  7. My first flash memory from the photograph was “Old Friends” by Simon & Garfunkel. You have strangely captured a particular vision for these last 40 years. I read the words and the reality of relationships tend to go grey as does ones hair – sad in both cases though there are some who claim beauty! I looked at it again and my cursor was on it and the pop-up said “old-friends”. I love synchronicity!!

    Thanks so much for your nomination and fave read. I’ll be back.

    • Want to know what’s eerie? I had that song going through my head!

  8. Cindy said:

    I love this, Janet. And that photograph……that scene brings some special moments to the surface for me. Thank you. ❤

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