From my perch, I’ve watched and waited for your restoration.

Your elements seem sound.  But

Can we revive our

native ecology?

Are we


Is our connection


If your words are more than landfill,

Lead me.

I will follow.

  1. If your words are more than landfill — I love this phrase. I got a few goosebumps even. Nice job, Janet. 🙂

    • Janet said:

      Thanks Jeannette, I think that was my favourite phrase too.

  2. I liked the “from my perch” image and words as landfill. Inspiring!

  3. Evelyn said:

    this is very open to interpretation, which I love.

    • Janet said:

      I was hoping that would come across. There is a lot of different meanings in this one.

  4. Jessica said:

    Shall we forward this to Mr. Ford?? Nicely done, Janet. And, feeling a wee bit homesick!

    • Janet said:

      We can always bring a piece of the lakeshore out to you!

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