Old Modernity

Behind you,

the present waits


Face it, your ideas,

values, and vision:

a mere joke among the younger generation.

Your remaining value – your assets.

Your remaining act – the last laugh.

The ground

is contaminated.

  1. I like this, and especially like how you give a pushy personality to the tall building behind. You have an interesting way of seeing things. πŸ˜‰ But I wonder if I’m missing something in the photo, because I don’t understand about the ground being contaminated.

    • Janet said:

      You’re right. There isn’t anything in the ground that is contaminated. I just wanted to use it as (1) a metaphor to imply that the world is being left in a polluted mess and (2) also that while the current generation thinks it’s so wonderful, the last generation gets the last laugh by srewing them over. (sometimes my mind works in weird ways).

  2. Jessica said:

    There’s a whole lot going on when you pair the image here with the line “your assets”. Thinking about it, it gets quite big. I’m not sure the last sentence works for me, either. But man, I’m homesick!

    • Janet said:

      Well, mabye the last line does need rethinking. Did you know Casa Mendoza is now completely gone?

  3. I love the line about the assets! But I’m not sure that the ground isn’t contaminated – all those chemicals leaching in from factories along the rivers. Joanna

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