The Incident

People swore you could still hear the screams, even after several levels of government poured money into the restoration project.  But the tunnels restoration and beautification could not make-over the memories and nightmares.  Local residents simply avoided using it.  Even newcomers stopped after hearing of “the incident”.


Flash Friday FIctioneers is brought to you by Madison Woods.  Her story and links to the many other fictioneers can be found here.

  1. siobhanmuir said:

    Great hook, Janet. I’d be curious what this leads up to and where it goes.

    Thanks for the comment on my story. 🙂


    • Janet said:

      What is it about a tunnel that inspires “creepy?”

    • Janet said:

      (I don’t know the rest yet). Be right over to read yours.

  2. Love that you left whatever the incident is, up to the readers. Nice,

    • Janet said:

      Yes, and I imagine everyone will think of something different.

  3. Such suspense; there is more that need to be told, a tragedy that took the town by storm and surprise, leaving dark memories and after taste of the ‘incident’. Do continue, please.

    Thanks for the stop over.

    • Janet said:

      Your welcome. It’s nice to meet you.

  4. crubin said:

    When I saw today’s photo on another blog, I was looking forward to seeing what you’d come up with, as I thought it might be something like this. Wonderful! Think of the possibilities for “the incident” you’ve got roaming in our minds.

    • Janet said:

      **insert scary laugh here**

    • Janet said:

      Thank you, I shall be right over to read yours.

    • Janet said:

      Thanks Doug. Sometimes less is more. I think everyone will imagine something different.

  5. Too bad the officials couldn’t repair and renovate the pain and memories of “the incident”.

    The lack of details with the event gives different meaning and perspective depending on the reader. This could be a start of a longer story.

    • Janet said:

      I guess there are just some things time and government money can’t heal. Thanks for stopping by.

    • Janet said:

      I guess you know by now I like to leave people guessing!

    • Janet said:

      I have a tendancy to leave it hanging. Thanks for coming by.

  6. Love the title. Intriguing. I want to know more.

    • Janet said:

      The title jumped into my head first (not really sure why) and then I build the story around it.

  7. rich said:

    this is when someone says, “but….but…..but…… can you stop there?”

    • Janet said:

      You can only do so much in fifty words. Thanks for coming by.

    • Janet said:

      Sorry, those files are classified.

  8. Russell said:

    Hmmm . . . makes we wonder if the government had something to do with it. Getting them to pour money into something is not easy. Great job of leaving us hungry for more.

    • Janet said:

      Yes, once the government starts throwing money at something you know they’re up to something.

  9. Yes! Just like Lady Macbeth’s “damn spot,” some things don’t disappear. This was a great take on the prompt – funny that most have been equally as nefarious this week. I guess we are all a little afraid of the dark…

    ~Susan (

    • Janet said:

      Susan, I love the Lady Macbeth reference, you’re right.

    • Janet said:

      It’s good to have a balance of light and dark 🙂

  10. The nameless horrors are always scarier than the ones spelled out–and what need to spell it out? Everyone knows.

  11. Man, what happened in there??? Good job!

    • Janet said:

      Thank you for the compliment. I appreciate it.

  12. I think “the incident” is described in Lindaura Glamoura’s story! Dark and mysterious, Janet. I can’t think of a Hall & Oates song to describe it…

    • Janet said:

      No, neither can I but I wish I could.

  13. Stacey said:

    Loved “even after several levels of government poured money into the restoration project” — really sad we didn’t get to know what “the incident” was 😦

  14. Now THIS is a story I want to hear more of — masterful and tantalizing!

  15. Madison Woods said:

    Without even knowing what happened, I know it was scary. That was great buildup in a few words.

  16. sounds like an everyday tourist experience where I come from!

  17. namelessneed said:

    scary, but yr usual fine job/ thanx again

  18. Jepiner said:

    what’s the incident? what is the creepy story behind it?

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