Lost Connections

I never knew how far gone you were while Mom was alive.  Your two lives, so interconnected, you couldn’t tell where one began and one ended.  But without Mom’s prompting, you are lost.  Alone in your mind.  You should have told me.  I would have liked to say good-bye.

  1. Jonesingafter40 said:

    Wow. So emotional for 50 words.

    • Janet said:

      Thank you. I’m glad you liked it.

  2. crubin said:

    Lovely. In fact, the climbing apparatus even simulates the brain physically, if one wanted to take it more literally.

    • Janet said:

      That’s what I was hoping for! I wanted the apparatus to represent brain connections and the interconnections of the couples relationship (one yellow, one blue) and when you take away one, the other falls apart. I could go on and on…once I get an image in my mind it takes on a life of its own!

      • crubin said:

        Oh good. Sometimes my concrete brain doesn’t always grab the abstract, so I’m glad I caught on. 🙂

  3. Really touching. It says so much, and the photo is perfect. Loved it.

    • Janet said:

      Thanks Linda. As soon as I saw the photo, it all came together.

    • Janet said:

      Thanks Gilly, that’s what a wanted it to be. (On another note, I”m still haveing problems getting your blog updates. I think I’ll unsubscribe and then resubscribe and see if that works).

  4. Jeannie said:

    This is really good writing! You made every word count and it really packed a punch!

  5. Evelyn said:

    wow. this is gut wrenching…

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