Photo courtesy of Karen Reeves.

You keep me chained.  At first your possessiveness was cute and endearing.  Now I see it for what it is.  Control.

Afraid of my natural instincts but needing me anyway, you are afraid to loosen your grip.  There is no trust.  Only love in the shape of a noose.


Please do not be alarmed.  The animal in this photo is not real.

  1. crubin said:

    I was glad to hear the animal wasn’t real, but sadly, we’ve all seen dogs chained to a tree for the entire day. I suspect your piece probably wasn’t that literal in intention, however, as you always have extra meanings behind your lovely words. 🙂

    • Janet said:

      How right you are! There is always double meaning behind my words.

  2. Relieved to know that that this particular image is not reality. Powerful, especially with your words.

    • Janet said:

      Thank you. This little guy is on the lawn of a cookie factory. We think he is there to scare away the Canada Geese and Seagulls.

  3. I like all the layers of meaning in your fiction and the powerful images.

  4. Thanks for your picture and your story.
    The pic moved me immediately to writing.
    I had fun writing mine. Here it is:

    Being attached to a pole is never problematic until I chain myself up into my own tangles, or slam against the limits of the links – otherwise I’m free to roam my universe, orbit as a planet round the sun, or tangle with God.

    • Janet said:

      I’m so glad the pic was inspiring. To me, your story says that we set our own limits / restrictions on ourselves. Once we let go, the sky’s the limit.

      Please come back anytime.

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