One Forty Fiction

Today I have a story posted over at One Forty Fiction. 

One Forty Fiction is a site that challenges storytellers because of its brevity.  As its name implies, they’re looking for stories of 140 characters max (yes characters – not words).  The limit imposed by Twitter.

My story Shelter was certainly a challenge as I had to cut my usual story length pretty much in half (it has 22 words, using up 129 characters – title not included).

I would certainly appreciate any comments / feedback / critiques as I’ll be responding to them on the One Forty Fiction site.



    • Janet said:

      That’s the effect I was going for. Thanks for reading it.

  1. namelessneed said:

    I Enjoyed yr succinct piece/ good for you

  2. An obsessive love, scary! but well written 🙂

    • Janet said:

      That’s what I was going for, glad it worked!

    • Janet said:

      Glad you thought so. Thank you for reading it.

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