Ripple Effect

I never expected one indiscretion to have such an impact.  It wasn’t such a big deal.  Or so I thought.  But I’ve caused a wave of upheaval.  The consequences continuously spread out with tension and conflict undulating at the surface.   So much more than a disappointing five minutes deserves.

    • Janet said:

      Thank you Linda, glad you liked it.

  1. Great matching of story with the image, and so much depth with so few words.

    • Janet said:

      The story came to me as soon as I focused on the ripples (originally I thought it might be about shadows).

  2. brilliant use of watery words and allusions to the ripple effect of actions and consequences

    • Janet said:

      Thanks, I’m glad you liked it. I have to be careful not to overdue the metaphor – I’m glad it worked this time

    • Janet said:

      Thanks, it took me a long time to take that photo – the sun kept going behind the clouds.

  3. Am drawn by the image. The last line made me chuckle. It is the truth of a lot of my entire life.

    • Janet said:

      That line was my favourite too. Thanks for commenting.

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