Weekly Photo Challenge : Near and Far

  1. 40again said:

    I loved travelling through Canada. Away from the citites, the open roads and stunning scenery left a lasting impression on me

    • Janet said:

      I have to admit, I haven’t travelled much in Canada (what we have done is generally east ((Quebec, the Maritimes)) but this particular stretch of highway 17 along Lake Superior is definately my favourite so far.

  2. Jessica said:

    Nothing better than an empty highway. I want to see what’s around that curve, even though I know it will be more of the beautiful same.

    • Janet said:

      You’re right, it’s about 150km of the same beautiful view.

  3. Cool photo. I like how the orange lines just suddenly start, as if to say, “Ready, set, go.” And yes, leave it to me to notice the orange lines before the beautiful nature.

    • Janet said:

      Actually, I rather enjoy pictures of highways, either deserted like this one or bustling with traffic.

  4. spool2spool said:

    Yep, it’s all about those orange lines. They just don’t seem in rhythm with nature.

    • Janet said:

      And they’re somewhat hypnotizing.

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