EncumbranceTo secure your love you required my assets but the interest on your heart came at too high a price. I am love poor.  You are an encumbrance. I need to break free before you foreclose on my heart.

Ever distant yet ever present, please stop calling me home.

  1. Excellently worded! Enjoyed that very much – clever and powerful.

    • Janet said:

      Thank you. It was fun weaving together love and economy. Seems like an unlikely fit but I think it worked.

  2. capcboy said:

    Once you get the cake decorating thing down – you can integrate your wise and wonderful words – the veritable icing on the cake! J

    • Janet said:

      Well, I do need to sweeten my words up sometimes. 🙂

  3. this is so very definitely your genre! The subject (heartbreak) is timeless, and the setting (financial world) is timely. Brilliant!

    • Janet said:

      Thanks so much. I was definitely inspired by the fact that Toronto is the financial capital of Canada. I’m glad you picked up on that.

    • Janet said:

      I never thought of that but that’s perfect!

  4. “I need to break free before you foreclose on my heart.”—Lovely line. 🙂

    • Janet said:

      Thanks Carrie. That’s one of my favourite lines too.

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