New Beginnings

IMG_7745I grew up believing that running away was never the answer and yet I am boarding the train anyway, told I needed a fresh start. But there’s the catch with new beginnings: they are preceded by something requiring you to start over. And I know one day you’ll find me.

  1. ” And I know one day you’ll find me.”

    At first I read this, and thought it was hopeful, but upon further inspection I realize it’s meant to be ominous. Either way, well done.

    Paul (

    • Janet said:

      I did write it to be ominous but I’m glad on first reading you found it to be hopeful. When I started writing this story I did want it to be more positive than the dark stuff I usually write but it ended up there anyway. I can’t seem to help myself. As this could be taken either way, perhaps there is hope for me yet!

  2. Hugh said:

    I found it to be very sweet, hopeful, and realistic. Great combination as winter winds down and new life buds around us.

    • Janet said:

      Thanks Hugh. As always, I look forward to your comment.

  3. sometimes i still run, trying to start all over

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