Dental Work


He leaves quickly, forgetting his dental records all over her torso. Incisors. Bicuspids. Remaining out back, she rolls topless in the grass. Digs a hole. Envies  hermaphrodites. Masturbates in the sun.

Done, she gets up and flicks grass out of his teeth.

  1. I have no idea what that’s about! But I really really like it! So…what IS it about?

    • Janet said:

      Do you really want to know what goes on inside my brain?

      In a nut shell, it’s about a woman realizing she can rely on herself. Long version:A woman is looking for love. She has an unsatisfying sexual encounter. It’s rough and he bites her then he leaves. She lays there wanting warmth (which she did not get from him). She envies the worms because they self-reproduce – wouldn’t that be nice she thinks. That leads her to masturbate. Knowing that she can take care of herself, she gets up and wipes the memory of him off her and can now have a fresh start.


      • Well that’s interesting. Thank you. I did want to know. I wouldn’t have guessed -but that’s probably lack of imagination on my part.

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