Too Quiet


Georgia pulled the bread out of the oven and placed it to cool.  She made bread for Danny each Friday as an after-school treat. It had been months since she baked. The bell rang at the school. Her house remained quiet. Georgia sliced the bread and ate in agonizing silence.

    • Janet said:

      I’m not sure why the smell of fresh bread made me think of such a sad story. Usually it is the smell of comfort and warmth.

    • Janet said:

      Thank you Linda. I’m not sure why I was in a sad mood but I’m glad it worked.

  1. Succinct and sad. Skillfully done. One of these days perhaps we will see something from you show up in our slush pile at PP&P as part of our regular features submission. 😉 Cheers, Dave.

    • Janet said:

      Thanks Dave. I do plan to submit soon.

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