You promise to carry me into the future.Your strength is assuring, your diligence, comforting, and your insistence, so persuasive.  I want to believe. I want to let go and feel your arms catch me. Lift me — please —  move me towards your vision. I am ready.


reveal yourself  IMG_7362


pull back those layers

beautiful and well executed

you are not

too old to be loved

too hard to be touched

because of your beauty

I am falling

let me

We were so alike you and me.  Growing up, inseparable.  As time passed, so grew the distance between us. Did you reach out? Surely, I wasn’t too far so as not to hear your cry.

Your absence leaves a hole. Darkness where there was light.

I’m sorry.

I watched you from a distance, long before you were even aware of my presence. My elegant form enticed you and you let down your guard. Mistake. I was ready to pounce. As you now know, my beauty is only skin deep. Underneath, lies the heart of a killer.

I would like to invite you to visit my new blog, Jantastic. As most of you know, I started Postcard Fiction as a forum for my short fiction.  Recently however, the nature of my posts has been expanding. Since I would like to keep this blog limited to my original concept, I’ve started Jantastic as an outlet for my photography and personal musings.

Please drop by. I’d love to hear from you there.  Here is a link to this weeks Weekly Photo Challenge.


Prior to your involvement, I was not pretty enough, not useful enough, not valuable enough. I was open to your suggestions but soon you took control.  What was once mine has been reshaped to suit your own self-interest.

Still, I caress you, seeking approval. You sigh; so much remains undone.

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