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Georgia pulled the bread out of the oven and placed it to cool.  She made bread for Danny each Friday as an after-school treat. It had been months since she baked. The bell rang at the school. Her house remained quiet. Georgia sliced the bread and ate in agonizing silence.



It is cold and gnarled fingers of both hands wrap around a coffee as he stares out across the lake. Tears. Longing.  Who do his old tired arms miss embracing?

I cannot ease his pain so I buy him a fresh coffee and allow him more time to remember.

We were so alike you and me.  Growing up, inseparable.  As time passed, so grew the distance between us. Did you reach out? Surely, I wasn’t too far so as not to hear your cry.

Your absence leaves a hole. Darkness where there was light.

I’m sorry.

Last night you haunted my sleep.  Your memories were so vivid I tasted your last kiss on my lips.  Iron, blood, death.  But in this dream the loss of you was peaceful.  Your leaving was warm and bright and as I watched you drift away, I could finally say goodbye.

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