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Here I am. Retreating beyond your reach.

Chase me. I want you to.

Catch me. If you dare.

Your intentions known. Your thoughts, not.
Silence. Cheap whiskey breath.
This moment before our day begins is when I love you best.


Hello from my first blog post in many months. To my followers and those whose blogs I follow, I apologize for my sudden absence. What started out as a technical problem turned into an unplanned sabbatical from social media. I needed to focus my energy on other events in my life and I’m not generally the kind of person who can just cut back on something. It’s all or nothing. So I had to choose nothing for a while in terms of blogging. But I’ve missed it and am very glad to be back. I looking forward to reconnecting with you all.


IMG_7708The path to your heart is long and in that distance loves becomes refracted and intentions scatter into nothingness. Your love is only an illusion and as I watch you disappear from my life, know this one truth – it is me who is moving away from you.


I would like to send a shout out to  the folks over at Postcard Poems and Prose for their feedback on a longer version of this story. Thanks Dave and Christy!


She yearned for kindness over companionship. Hope over security. Sincerity over love. Love, she learned, came at a cost. Love was conditional. Love was painful and secret. Love held her down.

But love also allowed her to dream of the day she would set herself free.





Drunk, he passed out on me like a corpse. The full weight of Richard was almost too much to bear but I resigned myself to stay where I was and squirmed until I got comfortable. Being under Richard wasn’t so bad. There were worse places to be.


It is cold and gnarled fingers of both hands wrap around a coffee as he stares out across the lake. Tears. Longing.  Who do his old tired arms miss embracing?

I cannot ease his pain so I buy him a fresh coffee and allow him more time to remember.


You once revealed yourself to me. Your icy exterior thawed by my warm kiss, I saw just briefly, your true colours. I fell in love. But now my visibility is obscured and I am drifting away. One last attempt at ablation is all I have left.


In the coming darkness of our love, all you give is your shadow.  So familiar am I with your outline, I could mold you in my sleep. But I long for more than our silhouettes dancing against the setting sun. Reveal yourself to the light. I am not afraid.

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