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I read a great post this morning by Jane Friedman called Please Don’t Blog Your Book.  Now, I didn’t start this blog with the intention of it becoming a book but it did make me ask myself why did I start it in the first place?  And the answer was simple: I wanted to write short fiction.

This is not my first blog. I took a writing course a few years ago and was told no one (ie: a publisher) would take you seriously if you didn’t have a blog.  At the time, I wasn’t interested in blogging nor did I have a topic I wanted to blog about but nonetheless I started one anyway.  It was on turning 40.  Each blog post felt like a chore and I resented the time blogging when I really wanted to be working on my manuscript.  I had some friends follow it but it was far from successful.  I kept at it for one year.  I learnt a lot from this experience but was happy to see it come to an end.

And then I had the idea for this blog.  This blog was something I wanted to do – born from a desire to write short fiction based on a photo. And even in the few short weeks that this blog has been running, it has been way more successful and I’ve met so many like-minded bloggers.

And it all has to do with why I blog.  I blog for me.  I write what I write because I love writing it.  That’s the key — readers can feel that passion. It makes for better reading, better dialogue and better engagement.

So that’s why I blog.  Now tell me, why do you?

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