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Ties that bind


I see you on the far side of love. You wave and beckon me over but forged out of necessity more than affection, need more than want, the bond between us lies empty and my connection to you, while physically strong, is weak in sentiment and feeling.




She wondered what he thought, walking down the hall past the sleeping bodies, the filthy kitchen, the cracked tiles, the dripping faucet.  She’d told him what it was like, but it’s different when you witness it firsthand.  To see how she really lived.  She supposed it didn’t really matter anymore, but still, this wasn’t the image she wanted him to remember her by.

(Okay, I did cheat this week and go over fifty words, but whose counting? 🙂 )


IMG_7708The path to your heart is long and in that distance loves becomes refracted and intentions scatter into nothingness. Your love is only an illusion and as I watch you disappear from my life, know this one truth – it is me who is moving away from you.


I would like to send a shout out to  the folks over at Postcard Poems and Prose for their feedback on a longer version of this story. Thanks Dave and Christy!


He leaves quickly, forgetting his dental records all over her torso. Incisors. Bicuspids. Remaining out back, she rolls topless in the grass. Digs a hole. Envies  hermaphrodites. Masturbates in the sun.

Done, she gets up and flicks grass out of his teeth.

IMG_7745I grew up believing that running away was never the answer and yet I am boarding the train anyway, told I needed a fresh start. But there’s the catch with new beginnings: they are preceded by something requiring you to start over. And I know one day you’ll find me.





Drunk, he passed out on me like a corpse. The full weight of Richard was almost too much to bear but I resigned myself to stay where I was and squirmed until I got comfortable. Being under Richard wasn’t so bad. There were worse places to be.


It is cold and gnarled fingers of both hands wrap around a coffee as he stares out across the lake. Tears. Longing.  Who do his old tired arms miss embracing?

I cannot ease his pain so I buy him a fresh coffee and allow him more time to remember.

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